I was looking for something to do,
so I scribbled a picture or two
of a cute little pig,
about two inches big,
and when I was finished, I knew...(that's Pickles!)
At first, she was just black and white,
but somehow that didn't seem right,
so I colored her nose   (actually, all of her!)
and  then drew on some clothes.
Now Pickles was cheerful and bright!
Over and over I drew,
and each time she got something new -
a teddy, a crown,
new pajamas, a frown   (sorry Pickles!) 
some flowers she picked just for you!
Soon she was starting to do
all the cute things that little ones do   (and you know they do!)
as they learn, grow and play,
so it happened one day...
we decided to share them with you!
We made little books, one-by-one,
it was challenging, but it was fun!
Making pictures and rhymes... 
and in such a short time,
our first fourteen stories were done!   (hey, that's a lot!)
Now, if you have little ones near,
and you think that they might like to hear
a pig tale or two,
then we really hope you
take a Pickles! or two home to share!!!    (the end!)
                                                    - Anita Bellows   (and Pickles!)



Copyright 2014 Anita Bellows
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