Warm  and wonderful  books 

for  'Read-to-me'  Ages 0-4 years   

and EARly readers 4-6 years

                              by Anita Bellows
  Let's Count Pickles!  Pickles is Perfect!                                                                               Pickles Eat Your Peas! Pickles Pretends!                                                                    Pickles Loves to Paint!  Pickles' Special Place!                                                            Pickles, Put On Your Hat!  One is Enough, Pickles!
And  NOW  Available  in  Soft  Cover . . .  It's the PICKLES  COLOR  SERIES! 
           Orange, Orange!   Yellow is Sunny, Yellow is Bright!   Spring Green!              Red, She Said!   Purple Car!   Summertime Blues!
    A rainbow of reading fun!!!     
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